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Тhere is a wide variety of rose types around the world but few of them are oil. In the center of Bulgaria and the Balkans is situated The Rose Valley. Emblematic of Bulgaria – Rosa Damascena grows in this region. It is an interesting fact that “The Queen of flowers” is chosen to grow, since more than 3000 years,  in the valley, archeologically named  – The Thracian Kings Valley.

Sources approve that ancient Thracians plant roses, the flower is even a symbol of king power in Thrace.


… .. “They ( the Thracians ) had huge gardens with roses , each of which had a sixty leaves and scent surpasses all other types … . ” ” …… Rose was the flower of Dionysus and Thracian mystery … .. ” ( Herodotus , VIII, 138).  It was Alexander the Great who carries oil rose from Thrace in Babylon and Persia as a symbol of his royalty .



      A coin of king Amatok /389 – 380 years BC/


Cultivation and harvesting of roses are very labor-intensive and almost all operations are carried out manually. The Bulgarian rose oil is extracted through water-steam distillation, that method of distillation is used from 340 years ago. It speaks of a perfect professionalism among our ancestors. The scent of rose is the most powerful aromatherapy, it is a natural antidepressant. Rose water has antiviral , antiseptic and disinfectant properties , helps in digestion . Damascena rose oil is helpful for the respiratory tract and in skin care, it has a regulating and purifying effect on the female sex organs and can be used for balancing hormones. Bulgarian rose oil is proven most – quality worldwide.


Liqueur Thracian Rose is a natural alcoholic drink from the Valley of the Thracian Kings. Quality mixture of wine distillate, wine, organic rose water, rose oil, rose absolute and sugar improvers. Each bottle of liquor contains an extract of about 1,300 rose petals on the specific Rosa damasc ena, grown only in Bulgaria. The drink is consumed as a digestif suitable supplement for many cocktails.


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